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The Great Flamarion (1945)

The Great Flamarion (1945)

(p.60) Chapter 6 The Great Flamarion (1945)
The Crime Films of Anthony Mann
Max Alvarez
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter discusses how a neophyte Hollywood filmmaker (Anthony Mann) directing a veteran Hollywood filmmaker (Erich von Stroheim) led to tensions during production on the low-budget film noir, The Great Flamarion. Given another cursory assignment from Republic Pictures, Mann was able to elevate the exaggerated melodramatic topic of a calculating young female (Mary Beth Hughes) ruining a gullible older man (Stroheim) to fascinating artistic and thematic levels. Although based on a short story by Austrian author Vicki Baum (Grand Hotel), virtually nothing of the original material remains aside from the central figure being a professional sharpshooter. While The Great Flamarion is not as famous as Fritz Lang’s Scarlet Street of the same year, the chapter suggests that the Mann picture may have had influences on the more expensive Lang film not only in the choice of subject matter (younger woman exploiting older man) but also in a climactic dialogue scene.

Keywords:   Stroheim, film noir, Republic Pictures, Vicki Baum, Lang

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