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“The Movement Is in You”

“The Movement Is in You”

The Sunflower County Freedom Project and the Lessons of the Civil Rights Past

(p.250) “The Movement Is in You”
The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi
Chris Myers Asch
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter focuses on Mississippi’s Sunflower County Freedom Project, a nonprofit educational organization that the author helped create while he was a fifth-grade public school teacher in Sunflower during the mid-1990s. It recalls the story of the principal who did not want the author to show episodes of Eyes on the Prize, a Blackside documentary about the civil rights movement, to his students as part of a unit on the local and national civil rights struggle. It also considers the limited funds faced by African American schools and describes the Sunflower County Freedom Project not only as an initiative that puts emphasis on academic achievement, but also as a form of creative organizing by training people for participatory citizenship.

Keywords:   civil rights movement, Mississippi, Sunflower County Freedom Project, Eyes on the Prize, African American schools, academic achievement, organizing, citizenship

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