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“Born of Conviction”

“Born of Conviction”

White Mississippians Argue Civil Rights in 1963

(p.157) “Born of Conviction”
The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi
Joseph T. Reiff
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter examines the theologies of supporters and opponents of the controversial “Born of Conviction” statement, signed by twenty-eight white ministers from Mississippi as a declaration of their opposition to segregation. Written in the wake of the riot that erupted at the University of Mississippi in September 1962, “Born of Conviction” became a full-fledged argument among whites in Mississippi about the civil rights movement and the efforts of those behind it to end the segregation as well as white supremacy. This chapter discusses the significance of “Born of Conviction” in relation to the local congregational publics of white Mississippi Methodism and in bringing about change in race relations in the state.

Keywords:   whites, Born of Conviction, ministers, Mississippi, segregation, University of Mississippi, civil rights movement, white supremacy, Methodism, race relations

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