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(Re)Situating and (Re)Playing the Genre

(Re)Situating and (Re)Playing the Genre

(p.119) Chapter 5 (Re)Situating and (Re)Playing the Genre
Making and Remaking Horror in the 1970s and 2000s
David Roche
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter proposes an in-depth analysis of the way these films position themselves, on a metafictional level, in relation to the history of the horror genre. The analyses reveal that generic hybridity and filmic intertextuality are just as much features of the 1970s films as of the 2000s remakes, although the references in some of the remakes seem fairly decorative and do not necessarily contribute to a metafictional discourse. The remakes also thematize their own status, establishing an ambivalent relationship, caught between homage and betrayal, vis-à-vis their source material. The approach to the Gothic, however, is more modern in the 1970s films than in the 2000s remakes, which, paradoxically, break with the source films by returning to the classic Gothic aesthetics the 1970s films sought to break away from.

Keywords:   Gothic, Genre, Hybridity, Intertextuality, Remake

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