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Constraints and Verisimilitude

Constraints and Verisimilitude

A Tentative Conclusion

(p.273) Chapter 8 Constraints and Verisimilitude
Making and Remaking Horror in the 1970s and 2000s
David Roche
University Press of Mississippi

The conclusion makes a case that, generally speaking, the 1970s films are, in effect, more “disturbing,” both politically and aesthetically, than the 2000s remakes. The remakes tend out to be more “incoherent” politically than the films of the 1970s, while forming a more coherent body of films in terms of aesthetics. The chapter then takes up the often made suggestion of critics and filmmakers alike that the technical and financial limitations of the independent horror movies of the 1970s make them all the more effective by looking at several pragmatic aspects: cinematography, special effects and acting. In short, the added contingencies that went into the actual filmmaking process seem to have added to their “disturbing” quality.

Keywords:   Constraints, Versimilitude, Cinematography, Acting, Special effects

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