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The Blind Task of Criticism

The Blind Task of Criticism

(p.47) 4. The Blind Task of Criticism
Free Jazz/Black Power
Philippe CarlesJean-Louis Comolli, Grégory Pierrot
University Press of Mississippi

This transitional section takes stock of the contributions of traditional white, Western jazz criticism. It has reproduced in this specific field the alienation of African American culture at large and music specifically from Western society. First scorned, African American music was assimilated with the help of critics. They notably contributed to an understanding of the music that eschewed social, historical and economic context in which the music was originally created. Promoting a classically Western understanding of art as distinct from social life, it allowed for a consumption of jazz devoid of political critique. This would change with the advent of black jazz criticism.

Keywords:   Dominant Ideology, Western Art History, Black Jazz Criticism

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