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In the Margins of Jazz History

In the Margins of Jazz History

(p.99) 7. In the Margins of Jazz History
Free Jazz/Black Power
Philippe CarlesJean-Louis Comolli, Grégory Pierrot
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter looks more specifically at 20th century African American history, paralleling the evolution of African American musical and artistic forms and African American social and economic condition in the United States. The profound changes brought about by World War I and the Great Migration, new hopes and ambitions as are echoed in the lyrics and themes developed in the music, but also in changing musical forms from the blues to bebop in the 1940s. Bebop’s challenge to swing was soon absorbed by the mainstream, but the same dedication to iconoclasm and black musical roots can be heard in later musical genres from electric blues and soul to hard bop, all of which bear the marks of the African American struggle for Civil Rights.

Keywords:   Great Migration, New Deal, Civil Rights Movement, Bebop, Cool Jazz

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