Faulkner and Film

Faulkner and Film

Peter Lurie and Ann J. Abadie

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9781628461015

Publisher: University Press of Mississippi


The nine essays of this volume explore a variety of ways to understand Faulkner’s influence by and imbrication in cinematic practice and the workings of the American film industry. The introduction places the topic of Faulkner and film in a critical and scholarly context, and the essays that follow work through the approach by way of Faulkner’s experiences as a screenwriter, his work in Hollywood’s influence on his fiction, his response to cinematic models as evidenced in his novels, and the ways Faulkner’s texts anticipated or even shaped media like television, the internet, and digital media. The authors take on longstanding questions at the heart of understandings of Modernism and its cultural context, showing the several ways in which Faulkner’s writing both responded to the cinema as well as shapes our understanding of film’s history and, potentially, the future of both Faulkner and film studies.