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Coffins and Caskets

Coffins and Caskets

(p.82) Chapter Five Coffins and Caskets
Gone to the Grave
Abby Burnett
University Press of Mississippi

Burial containers took a variety of forms, with coffins (the earlier style) and caskets being distinctly different, differences that are defined here. These containers were made to order by men who worked with wood, blacksmiths or by those who made and sold furniture. The hardware used to decorate the containers was varied but not functional. The earliest uses of vaults, as well as construction methods, coffin colors, the use of wicker baskets and metal burial cases are all discussed. There is a brief history of the Arkansas Coffin Company, in Fort Smith, one of the few such factories found in Arkansas.

Keywords:   Coffins, Caskets, Casket hardware, Metal burial cases, Arkansas Coffin Company

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