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Queering the Cooking Man

Queering the Cooking Man

Food and Gender in Yoshinaga Fumi’s (BL) Manga

(p.233) Queering the Cooking Man
Boys Love Manga and Beyond
Tomoko Aoyama
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter discusses the works of manga artist Yoshinaga Fumi, whose narratives are an endlessly interpretable relationship that provides a window on gender and sexuality. It argues that Yoshinaga is a “master chef” of manga who prepares wonderful dishes for a diverse range of textual consumers and connoisseurs. Working within the Boys Love (BL) and related genres for both commercial and dōjinshi publications, Yoshinaga depicts food, gender, and sexuality in order to affirm and celebrate desires and gratification, while at the same time presenting acute critiques of the kinds of consumption that involve or nurture discrimination against, and subjugation of, one group of people by another. The chapter highlights three of Yoshinaga's popular series produced at different times in her career, with differing degrees and methods of adopting or transforming BL conventions: The Moon and the Sandals (Tsuki to sandaru), Hana oto (Flower sound), and Antique Bakery (Seiyō kottō yōgashiten).

Keywords:   manga, Yoshinaga Fumi, gender, sexuality, BL, dōjinshi, The Moon and the Sandals, Hana oto, Antique Bakery

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