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Regulation of Manga Content in Japan

Regulation of Manga Content in Japan

What Is the Future for BL?

Regulation of Manga Content in Japan
Boys Love Manga and Beyond
Mark McLelland
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter addresses cultural responses to Boys Love (BL) texts, including both manga and light novels, in the context of broader conservative critiques of manga, anime, and related popular culture. It points out how manga have often been targeted by moral campaigners due to its content. Since the late 1980s, following on from a moral panic occasioned by the serial killing of four infant girls by avid manga collector Miyazaki Tsutomu, manga and anime content has increasingly been governed by a code of industry self-regulation, but this does not apply to the self-published dōjinshi scene, which includes many BL writers. The chapter discusses two recent incidents: the 2008 furor over the large number of BL titles available for loan in a library district in Osaka, and the 2010 debate in Tokyo over the “Non-Existent Youth” Bill aimed at using zoning laws to restrict the sale of erotic and pornographic manga.

Keywords:   erotic manga, BL, Japan, anime, popular culture, Miyazaki Tsutomu, self-regulation, dōjinshi, Non-Existent Youth Bill, pornography

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