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Mestizaje and Heterotopia in Ernest Hogan’s High Aztech

Mestizaje and Heterotopia in Ernest Hogan’s High Aztech

(p.146) Mestizaje and Heterotopia in Ernest Hogan’s High Aztech
Black and Brown Planets
Lysa M. Rivera
University Press of Mississippi

Lysa M. Rivera, in “Critical Dystopia and Cyborg Consciousness: Ernest Hogan’s Chicano/a Cyberpunk,” examines the relationship between science fiction and experiences of mestizaje, colonialism, and survival within the greater Chicano/a cultural community. Concentrating on the work of Ernest Hogan, Rivera traces the ways in which Hogan embeds Mesoamerican indigenous mythologies in high-tech, technophilic science fictionalized futures and comments on the synergistic affinities between experiences of alienation under colonialism in the Americas (specifically Mexico) and experiences of posthuman, decentered technologies. Rivera then situates Hogan’s work within an electrifying but unexamined genealogy of Chicano/a cyberpunk produced in direct response to the shifting terrains of borderlands politics in a post-NAFTA late capitalistic world. Drawing on cyborg consciousness as an oppositional practice, Rivera expresses how Chicano/a cyberpunk represents a critical incursion into the classic cyberpunk of the 1980s.

Keywords:   Cyberpunk, Ernest Hogan, Cyborg, Posthuman, Chicano/a

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