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“The Wild Unicorn Herd Check-In”

“The Wild Unicorn Herd Check-In”

The Politics of Race in Science Fiction Fandom

(p.225) “The Wild Unicorn Herd Check-In”
Black and Brown Planets
Robin Anne Reid
University Press of Mississippi

Robin Anne Reid, in her standalone essay “‘The Wild Unicorn Herd Check-In’: The Politics of Race in Science Fiction Fandom,” analyses work done by fans of color to increase racial and other types of diversity in the science fiction community which includes not only readers but editors, publishers, and authors as well as to increase diversity in the science fiction narratives themselves. Reid considers the implications of fans of color, members of the LiveJournal community Deadbrowalking, responding in large numbers to the white sf author Lois McMaster Bujold’s declaration that “Readers of Color” were new to sf. This event was known as “The Wild Unicorn Herd Check-in.” Online and offline, Reid appraises the work being done by fans of color from the organization of the Carl Brandon Society to fan activism calling for more colored casting in sf film and television.

Keywords:   Racefail, Carl Brandon Society, Samuel R. Delany, Erasure, Racism

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