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The Bannekerade

The Bannekerade

Genius, Madness, and Magic in Black Science Fiction

(p.15) The Bannekerade
Black and Brown Planets
Lisa Yaszek
University Press of Mississippi

Lisa Yaszek, in “The Bannekerade: Genius, Madness, and Magic in Black Science Fiction,” demonstrates how artists working both alongside and within genre SF have used a story type she calls “the Bannekerade” to think about science, society, and race in unusual ways by exploring the centrality of SF’s two oldest character types—the creative engineer and the mad scientist—in early Black SF by Martin Delany, Sutton E. Griggs, Edward Johnson, and George Schuyler as well as representations of genius in contemporary Black SF by Walter Mosley, Minister Faust, and Andrea Hairston.

Keywords:   Bannekerade, Edisonade, Schuyler, Hairston, Faust

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