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The Laugh of Anansi

The Laugh of Anansi

Why Science Fiction is Pertinent to Black Children’s Literature Pedagogy

(p.83) The Laugh of Anansi
Black and Brown Planets
Marleen S. Barr
University Press of Mississippi

Marleen Barr, in “The Laugh of Anansi: Why Science Fiction Is Pertinent to Black Children’s Literature Pedagogy,” illustrates why during the post-colonial moment the political elements of black identity portrayed in Black SF is pedagogically pertinent to black children as an empowering genre. In the age of Obama, black science fiction teaches black children that yes they can be successful in future visions and that they are poised to respond to the new twenty-first century world as well as the emerging history which constitutes it. Because the black American historical reality is, to say the least, athwart with struggle, it is no wonder that black children eschew history and reality in favor of the unreal and the fantastic.

Keywords:   Trickster, Walter Mosley, The fantastic, Virginia Hamilton, NnediOkorafor

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