Eleanor H. Porter's PollyannaA Children's Classic at 100

Eleanor H. Porter's PollyannaA Children's Classic at 100

Roxanne Harde and Lydia Kokkola

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9781628461329

Publisher: University Press of Mississippi


Appearing first as a weekly serial in the Christian Herald, Eleanor H. Porter's Pollyanna was first published in book form in 1913. This popular story of an impoverished orphan girl who travels from America's western frontier to live with her wealthy maternal Aunt Polly in the fictional east coast town of Beldingsville went through forty-seven printings in seven years and remains in print today in its original version, as well as in various translations and adaptations. The story's enduring appeal lies in Pollyanna's sunny personality and in her glad game, her playful attempt to accentuate the positive in every situation. In celebration of its centenary, this collection of thirteen original essays examines a wide variety of the novel's themes and concerns, as well as adaptations in film, manga, and translation. In this volume, internationally respected and emerging scholars of children's literature consider Porter's work from modern critical perspectives. Chapters focus primarily on the novel itself but also examine Porter's sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up, and the various film versions and translations of the novel. With backgrounds in children's literature, cultural and film studies, philosophy, and religious studies, these scholars extend critical thinking about Porter's work beyond the thematic readings that have dominated previous scholarship.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Pollyanna’s World

2 “Aggressive femininity”

Laura M. Robinson

4 “Ice-cream Sundays”

Samantha Christensen

5 At Home in Nature

Monika Elbert

Part 2 Ideological Pollyanna

9 Pollyanna

Patricia Oman

Part 3 Adapted Pollyanna

12 Pollyanna

Mio Bryce

13 Pollyanna in Turkey

Tanfer Emin Tunç

End Matter