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(p.269) Epilogue
The Architecture of William Nichols
Paul Hardin KappTodd SandersWilliam Seale
University Press of Mississippi

In the Epilogue, the author compares Nichols with other notable early nineteenth century American architects, namely Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Alexander Jackson Davis, and Minard Lefever. Nichols was extremely influential within the context of Southern architecture. He redefined the large residence in the Deep South by blending vernacular traditions with Grecian and later Greek Revival precedents. He helped define the modern university campus and the state capitol as a “Temple of Democracy,” giving bicameral government its architectural form in the South more so than any other architect. The author closes the book by stating that this book is his small contribution to the extraordinary legacy of architect William Nichols, master of his profession in the American South.

Keywords:   Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Alexander Jackson Davis, Minard Lefever, Greek Revival Architecture

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