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Activist in Exile

Activist in Exile

José da Natividade Saldanha, Free Man of Color in the Tropical Atlantic

(p.47) Activist in Exile
Anywhere But Here
Amy Caldwell de Farias
University Press of Mississippi

A subversive nineteenth-century Black Intellectual was Jose da Navidade Saldanha , the Afro-Brazilian lawyer, poet, and, in 1824, secretary of the revolutionary government during the confederation of the Quator, who was viewed by some as a Black Jacobin. A man of contradictions whose call for reconciliation emphasized “the sublime virtuous characteristics of the Brazilian Mestizos,” his very existence and rise to political prominence as an intellectual challenged the predominant racial order. His own writings were influenced by his travels to North and South America, which also had a profound impact on his attempts to create a poetic art form that would defy the “hegemonic power of the new Brazilian monarchy.” Or did it? In “Activists in Exile: Jose da Natividade Saldanha, Free Man of Color in the Tropical Atlantic,” Amy Caldwell de Farias examines the fascinating polemics of racial consciousness in the life of a politician and poet struggling to confront conventional relationships of power.

Keywords:   Jose da Navidade Saldanha, Afro-Brazilian, Brazilian Mestizos, Brazilian Activism, Free Men of Color

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