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Garvey in Oz

Garvey in Oz

The International Black Influence on Australian Aboriginal Political Activism

(p.99) Garvey in Oz
Anywhere But Here
John Maynard
University Press of Mississippi

John Maynard discusses “Garvey in Oz: The International Black Influence on Australian Aboriginal Political Activism,” which brings to light the power of an historic exchange between West Indian merchant marines and the politically radical Aboriginal communities they engaged with regard to Garvey’s philosophy. A universal recognition of their desire to “shake the yoke” set the powerful stage for the establishment of a UNIA headquarters in Sydney, Australia. A precondition for this exchange was the fact that Aboriginal leaders such as Fred Maynard who worked on the waterfront during the 1920s acquired a knowledge of the writings of African American intellectuals. Alongside correspondence with Black leaders, it formed a powerful basis of future Aboriginal political activism.

Keywords:   Marcus Garvey, Aboriginal, Aboriginal Activism, Aboriginal Nationalsim, Australian Aboriginals, UNIA, Fred Maynard

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