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From Port-au-Prince to Kinshasa

From Port-au-Prince to Kinshasa

A Haitian Journey from the Americas to Africa

(p.229) From Port-au-Prince to Kinshasa
Anywhere But Here
Danielle Legros Georges
University Press of Mississippi

In “Port-au-Prince and Kinshasa: A Haitian Journey from the Americas to Africa,” Danielle Georges addresses the little known history of the movement of hundreds of young Haitian professionals and their families to the Congo (Zaire, later to become the Democratic Republic of the Congo) between 1960 and 1975. Facing few economic opportunities, and possible persecution under the regime of François Duvalier, these engineers, doctors, teachers, and lawyers saw the invitation by UNESCO and the Congolese government as a way to start their lives anew. Georges, herself a child at the time her parents went to Congo in the late 1960’s, reconstructs this journey through interviews, letters, and other historical sources. Her story includes reflections and analyses during a time of cross cultural optimism and cooperation within the Franco-phone African Diaspora.

Keywords:   Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Congo, Zaire, Migration, Franco-phone African Diaspora, UNESCO

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