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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

(p.53) Chapter 3 Hong Kong
Asian Comics
John A. Lent
University Press of Mississippi

Hong Kong has had a thriving comic book industry since the 1950s. Key to this development was interviewee Tony Wong, whose Jademan Comics became a prosperous empire dealing mainly in martial arts, gangster comics. Wong met bad times at the end of the century and landed in prison for two years accused of frandulent acts. Upon his release, he resumed publishing comics with a new company, Jade Dynasty. Hong Kong has been the home to other outstanding cartoonists, among them, interviewee Lee Wai-chun, famous for her 13-Dot comics, which have endured 60 years. Lee changed her young girls’ clothing scores of times in each book and set fashion trends in the then-crown colony. In fact, women often took copies of 13-Dot to tailors asking them to duplicate the styles for them. Other mainstream cartoonists are also discussed in this chapter, as well as members of an independent comics community which has appeared in recent years, publishing comics as best as they can on meagre funds, yet, succeeding enough to have their books published abroad in some cases.

Keywords:   martial arts comics, Tony Wong, 13-Dot Comics, gambling comics, fashion and comics, independent comics

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