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(p.119) Chapter 6 Cambodia
Asian Comics
John A. Lent
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter primarily treats the history and present status of comic books in Cambodia with occasional mentions of other types of comic art. It conforms to the evolution of the various regimes the country has endured since comics first appeared in the 1960s, and the effects those governments had upon comic books. The early history is provided by interviewee Uth Roeun, the father of Cambodian comics. The strange distribution system used to get comics to rural areas is described, as well as recent attempts to revive the “classics” through poor quality reprints. Also discussed are efforts to use comic books for development purposes, and the help received from French cartoonists and aficionadoes of comics such as John Weeks of Our Books, to keep the medium alive.

Keywords:   song lyric comics, development comics, distribution, comics reprinting, Uth Roeun, Our Books

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