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Breathing Modern Life into the Quijote

Breathing Modern Life into the Quijote

Spanish and Southern Regeneration in the New Century

(p.29) Chapter 1 Breathing Modern Life into the Quijote
Between Distant Modernities
Brittany Powell Kennedy
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter seeks to explain a quixotism resulting from a perceived loss of national authenticity at the turn of the twentieth century, looking at the “lovable loser” Don Quijote, whose idealism and devotion to a perceived loss of “tradition” becomes a philosophical and aesthetic model for performativity in Spain and the South as the so-called Generation of ’98 writers in Spain and the Fugitive poets and Nashville Agrarians in the South write poetry and philosophy that conceptualize a perceived loss of a performed Spanish and Southern tradition as they cope with said loss within modernity.

Keywords:   Quixotism, Generation of ‘98, Fugitive Poets, Nashville Agrarians, loss

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