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Critical Reflections on Race, Class, Empire, and the “Pains of Modernity”

(p.138) Conclusion
East Meets Black
Chong Chon-Smith
University Press of Mississippi

This conclusion introduces Corporal Edward Chin, the American soldier who tied the noose around Saddam Houssein’s statue in Iraq. It interrogates the parable of racial magnetism within the context of U.S. empire, the story of where Asian Americans fit into the logic of white supremacy in relation to class relations within and between racial minorities, and how it constitutes the subjectification and denial of Black liberation. This condition, in and of itself, constitutes the whole system of hegemony that relies upon racial hierarchy, in such a form as racial magnetism, in order to maintain cross-racial hostilities and cross-racial alienation and ultimately the “pains of modernity”—the alienation of modernity’s underbelly—the working-class peoples and peasants who show the social death associated with poverty, dispossession, and invisibility.

Keywords:   Black liberation, Asian American citizenship, Modernity, Social death, Corporal Edward Chin

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