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Murder à la Mod (1966)

Murder à la Mod (1966)

(p.22) Chapter 2 Murder à la Mod (1966)
Brian De Palma's Split-Screen
Douglas Keesey
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter is an examination of Murder à la Mod (1966), De Palma's second feature-length movie which mixes self-reflexive humor about filmmaking with the horror of a murder and the suspense of its investigation. Here, De Palma combined the styles of the two directors who arguably had the most influence on him in his novice years—Jean-Luc Godard and Alfred Hitchcock. Shot on a shoestring budget ($25,000) over a period of a mere eleven days in 1966, Murder à la Mod did not see its premiere until two years later. Nevertheless, billed as a “horror comedy,” Murder à la Mod stands as the first example of a genre which De Palma would make his own—that stylized combination of humor and horror to which he would return to in later films.

Keywords:   Murder à la Mod, horror comedy, humor, horror, Jean-Luc Godard, Alfred Hitchcock

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