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Get to Know Your Rabbit (1972)

Get to Know Your Rabbit (1972)

(p.52) Chapter 6 Get to Know Your Rabbit (1972)
Brian De Palma's Split-Screen
Douglas Keesey
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter recounts De Palma's studio experiences in Hollywood in the making of the film, Get to Know Your Rabbit (1972), at a time when Hollywood was looking to cash in on the new youth market that had made movies like The Graduate and Easy Rider so profitable. Given the recent success of his counterculture comedy Greetings (1968), a fresh talent like De Palma seemed to be a good bet for Warner Bros, who brought him out from New York to LA to work on the film. De Palma's first big-studio film gave him the chance to work with movie stars and a Hollywood film crew and to experiment with different kinds of shots, including his first extensive use of the crane shots that would become a staple of his cinema. Working in Hollywood, however, subjected his film to outside interference—which the chapter reflects on in more depth.

Keywords:   Hollywood, Get to Know Your Rabbit, film studios, Warner Bros, Hollywood film crew, movie stars, film shots, youth market, big-studio film, crane shots

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