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Redacted (2007)

Redacted (2007)

(p.286) (p.281) Chapter 28 Redacted (2007)
Brian De Palma's Split-Screen
Douglas Keesey
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter chronicles De Palma's more blatant attempt to intervene in the Iraq War via Redacted (2007), noting in particular how the movie is a deliberate repetition of Casualties of War (1989). Based on an actual 2006 incident, Redacted tells the story of a squad of American soldiers during the Iraq War who rape and murder an Iraqi girl named Farah (Zahra Zubaidi). In this film, De Palma wishes to confront viewers with the casualties of war while that war is still being fought, even if the U.S. government attempts to keep such images out of the public eye. On that note the chapter also seeks out the differences between the two films, particularly in their endings, and the familial connections and other conditions that had led De Palma to create these differences.

Keywords:   Redacted, Casualties of War, Iraq War, rape, murder, familial connections, war films

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