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“Sowing Seeds of Hatred”

“Sowing Seeds of Hatred”

(August 28–September 1)

(p.12) One “Sowing Seeds of Hatred”
Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press
Davis W. HouckMatthew A. GrindyKeith A. Beauchamp
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores the events surrounding Emmett Till’s abduction and subsequent death. It contends that the violence surrounding Emmett Till’s death is rooted in the 1954 ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court that classroom segregation between blacks and whites was unequal. It adds that worries about black male and white female relationships prompted white communities to act by making efforts to protect their white females from black men, a fear that culminated in the abduction and killing of Emmett Till.

Keywords:   segregation, Supreme Court, Emmett Till, white female, black male

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