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“The World Is Watching”

“The World Is Watching”

(September 10–September 18)

(p.58) Four “The World Is Watching”
Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press
Davis W. HouckMatthew A. GrindyKeith A. Beauchamp
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter examines the preparations made by both sides in the trial of Emmett Till. It relates how lawyers Sidney Carlton, J.W. Kellum, J.J. Breland, John W. Whitten, and Harvey Henderson, formed the formidable defense counsel of both Roy Bryant and John William Milam. It adds that the defense counsel had been looking for rhetorical angles that would ensure the victory of the defense. The prosecution was comprised of James Hamilton Caldwell, Jr., former FBI agent Robert B. Smith III, and district attorney Gerald Chatham.

Keywords:   lawyers, prosecution, defense counsel, Emmett Till, Roy Bryant, John William Milam, trial

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