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“Every Last Anglo-Saxon One of You”

“Every Last Anglo-Saxon One of You”

(September 19–September 23)

(p.72) Five “Every Last Anglo-Saxon One of You”
Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press
Davis W. HouckMatthew A. GrindyKeith A. Beauchamp
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter discusses the trial of Emmett Till. It notes that the trial became so sensationalized that the whole nation watched the court room drama unfold. It adds that reporters from as far as England came in to Sumner, Mississippi, to cover the trial. It comments on the strategies used by both the defense and the prosecution in the trial: the prosecution emphasized the issue of racial prejudice, which they believed would play a role in the trial; the defense made show of the families of the defendants, emphasizing their good-naturedness, and implying that the jury would be convicting two family men with still young children.

Keywords:   trial, Emmett Till, defense, prosecution, racial prejudice, Sumner, Mississippi

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