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The Old World Reclaims Its instrument

The Old World Reclaims Its instrument

(p.155) Chapter Nine The Old World Reclaims Its instrument
The Guitar in America
Jeffrey J. Noonan
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter, which focuses on the impact of the emergence of a new generation of European guitarists on the history of the guitar in America, explains that during the early 1900s, the European guitar scene was dominated by three Spanish players including Miguel Llobet, Emilio Pujol, and Andres Segovia. It discusses the contribution of these guitarists in liberating the guitar not only from America’s mandolin and banjo ensembles but also from the musical and social constraints that had relegated the guitar to roles and repertoires based on late nineteenth-century prejudices, techniques, and repertoires.

Keywords:   European guitarists, guitar, America, Miguel Llobet, Emilio Pujol, Andres Segovia, mandolin, banjo

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