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A Corn Licker Still In Georgia

A Corn Licker Still In Georgia

(p.149) Chapter Seven A Corn Licker Still In Georgia
78 Blues
John Minton
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter analyzes the popular dramatic series “A Corn Licker Still in Georgia,” featuring the old-time fiddle band, the Skillet Lickers. It argues that while all of the Skillet Lickers were well-known local entertainers before recording, the group as such was really an illusion promoted mainly by their records, which concealed a loose, shifting personnel more typical of their community’ casual, ad hoc ensembles than the world of showbusiness professionals. Skillet Lickers records also precariously balanced the coarse and the fine, crafting timeless art from the common-as-dirt dilemmas of the prewar South.

Keywords:   old-time records, Southern music, dramatic series, Skillet Lickers, fiddle band

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