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The Sunbelt South and Its Shadows

The Sunbelt South and Its Shadows

(p.98) Chapter 6 The Sunbelt South and Its Shadows
Covering for the Bosses
Joseph B. Atkins
University Press of Mississippi

This chapter explores the “Sunbelt South” region through the perspectives of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor Henry Utger and Black newspaper publisher and political leader Carol Zippert. According to Carol, the Sunbelt South had the same racial divide as that of the Old South, but the only difference was that the race issue was submerged under the politics of fiscal conservatism. Utger argued that the South still suffers the same labor issues that plagued it decades ago, pointing out that the anti-unionist attitude of business owners is still rampant in the region.

Keywords:   racial divide, labor issues, Sunbelt South, Henry Utger, Carol Zippert

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