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Explore new books from Mississippi

January 22, 2016

8 new titles have been published on Mississippi Scholarship Online (MSSO), adding to the History, Literature, and Music subjects. These books cover a diverse range of subjects, from the comics from the Asian continent to the music of French Louisiana, and from a new approach in stand-up comedy to the architecture of William Nichols - and much more!

Asian Comics

Negotiating Difference in French Louisiana Music: Categories, Stereotypes, and Identifications

Anywhere But Here: Black Intellectuals in the Atlantic World and Beyond

The Music of the Netherlands Antilles: Why Eleven Antilleans Knelt before Chopin's Heart

A Vulgar Art: A New Approach to Stand-Up Comedy

Boys Love Manga and Beyond: History, Culture, and Community in Japan






This brings the total amount of scholarly works available on MSSO over 220. Start browsing MSSSO now, and find out how your institution can sign up to a free trial of University Press Scholarship Online.